Hangzhou Xibo Co., Ltd.
Established in May, 2009, Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. belongs to Hangzhou Commerce & Tourism Group Co., Ltd. The company is a platform-type operating company engaged in innovation exhibition projects. Based on global vision and local capabilities and capability of data analyse, the company is good at integrating high-end exhibition resources at home and abroad.

Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. boasts many years of operating experience in serving Hangzhou West Lake International Expo and World Leisure Expo, focusing on the integrate with “exhibition industry” and “industrial exhibition”. Realizes the market-oriented effective operation, and will continue to focus on the operation of comprehensive exhibition projects in the future, seek the operation mode of industrial integration, and achieve industrial transformation and upgrading.

Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is good at connect high-end brand and international brands. Cooperative resources: Boao Forum for Asia, Davos Conference, Financial Times, US Oscars, CES, Shanghai CBN, World Economic Forum, World Entrepreneurship Forum, etc. Participating projects: Shanghai World Expo, World Cultural Conference held by UNESCO in Hangzhou; Operating projects: Zhijiang Summit of Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium, FT Chinese, 120th Anniversary of Zhejiang University, Zheshang-Caijing International Forum, etc.; They enjoy cooperation with Xibo Culture in Hangzhou.

Xibo Cultural is also actively exploring innovative self-run projects. Its Asian Design Management Forum and Life Innovation Exhibition (ADM) is an experimental strategic reflection of Xibo Culture on innovative convention and exhibition operations and future business scenarios. Since its inception in 2013, it has covered forums, exhibitions, events and other sections, with a scale of more than 20,000 square meters. Each year, over 150 crossover masters from around the world are invited and over 100,000 targeted offline visits are made.

Xibo Culture also have many break-through on new type of commercial mode. June, 2018, Xibo Culture, as a executor and operator throughout the whole process of China (Hangzhou) International E-business Expo (the company won the bid for Hangzhou E-business Expo on June 15, 2018). With the theme of new retail, new business and new consumption, Xibo Culture also finished Wulin Road activity, airport activity, Jinhua · Jindong Hemei Life Festival, Activity in The West Lake Expo Museum,etc.

2019 is the 10th year since Xibo’s establishment. The team will keep break the ground and try their best, going forward in new journey with fresh spirit.
In 2019, Xibo Culture won the "New Artisan Joint Acceleration Organization. Special Contribution Award" from Wu Xiaobo Channel

In November 2018, it was awarded the "Outstanding Unit of the 20th China Hangzhou West Lake Expo" and the `` Best t China Hangzhou West Lake Expo Best Innovation Award "by the Hangzhou Development Conference and Exhibition Industry Coordination Office and the Hangzhou West Lake Expo Organizing Committee Office
The company was rated as Excellent service unit of the 19th Hangzhou
West L ake International Expo and the 3rd World L eisure Expo, and harvestedInnovation Award

Xibo was named the G20 Hangzhou summit presents excellent organizational units2016 Asian design management forum and ideal life fair was titled the top tenexhibition brands of china
Xibo was awarded 'The 2015 Top 10 Brand Exhabitior’by China Conventionand Exhibition Society;
ADM was given 'The Most Creative Award’by Hangzhou West Lake ExpoOrganizing Committee Office;

"Advanced organization unit of China Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo"
Awarded as"2014 Outstanding Contribution Award of the M.I.C.E, Hangzhou"
2013-ADM won the title of "Annual attractive Industrial Conference & Forum inChina" and "Annual Award in China' s Exhibition Industry of ProfessionalMeeting"

2012-"Advanced Unit with Quality Service" of the 13th West Lake Expo
2012-"Outstanding Member Unit in Hangzhou Convention & Exhibition IndustryAssociation"
2011-"Chinese Leisure Pavilion" won the "special exhibition award of the 2nd WorldL eisure Expo", and "the most attractive exhibition by mass media"

2012-"Outstanding Service Company in Shanghai World Expo"
2012-"Advanced Unit in developing cultural and creative industry in Hangzhou"
2012-"Top 10" ivilized website demonstration unit of Hangzhou
10 Websites in China' s Exhibition Industry"
"Recommended Exhibition Enterprise of West L .ake Expo"


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Cooperation Make Difference With Love
Development Strategy
Xibo advocates an open and innovative strategy for cooperation. Xibo has cooperated with several well-known enterprises and organizations, and established a great partnership with them. This win-win cooperation mode is now helping Xibo to be more innovative and dynamic.

Our Team

Xibo Culture has a young and progressive enterprise team, which is the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
The pyramidal core management model allows the team to maintain innovation and vitality while achieving pragmatism and efficiency.

Our Client

Every time, trust makes the change happen quietly. Our versatility and adaptability are due to our years.
Customers who work with it. These customers come from different fields and they allow us to learn more every day.
Executive Director
Deputy Manager
- Officially' transferred to Hangzhou Business Travel Group Co., Ltd.Self-operated project ADM breaks through development, realizesthree major highlights of rural revitalization, branding overseas,and commercial IP, and has become a mature IP after 'five years ofdevelopment.
- Successfully created a new IP project - "2018 Jindong. Hemei LifeFestival".
- Successfully operated the 5th China(Hangzhou) International E-Business Expo.
- As an exhibition operation service provider, participated in the 5thWorld Aquatics Convention.
- Successfully held The Big Trend: Urban Internationalization Summit.Participated in organization of 120th Anniversary Celebration ofZhejiang University.
- Co-organized 2017 Hangzhou Strawberry Musical Festival.
- Successfully held the 32nd China Adolescents Science & TechnologyInnovation Contest (CASTIC) .
- Successfully completed Hangzhou Wulin Block Improvement ProjectSPACE@WULIN (Somatic Street).
- Carried out overall planning, operation and implementation of the 1stsession of 2017 Hangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Smart L .eisureExhibition.
- Carried out overall planning and implementation of 45th AnniversaryCelebration 'for Qingchunbao Company.
- Successfully held self- operated company project ADM with 11 daysof exhibition.
- Carried out launch andoperation of the2ndHealthChinaSummit——2017 Public Health Management and Health IndustryExhibition.
- Participated in the work of the G20 Hangzhou summit.
- "the beautiful country and spiritual culture construciiorrconference.
- 2016 China Haining Tide international Expo & Summit in FashionIndustry.
- Participated in the World Conference on amphibians and reptiles.
- Participated in the International Forum on the zhejiang entrepreneursand Finance.
- After 'four year' s cultivation, ADM has now become Asia's largestdesign management forum and the largest domestic innovationexhibition.
- Authorized to operate Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium,China, with FT China for the first time.
- Manage to operate the 2015 World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEnF)as a cooperative partner.
- Served Pan' an, the branch venue of West L _ake Expo, to promote thebrand of "Wisdom Tourism".
- Managed the implementation of Invest in Zhejiang" forum (Beijing)Operated the"Conference and Incentive Travel Industry Fair'Hangzhou, China.
- Took charge of the operation of International E-business Expo 2014,Hangzhou, China.
- Served Wuyi, the branch venue ofWest L .ake Expo, to promote Hotspring festival ofWuyi.
- Undertook the daily management and business operation of WestL _ake Expo Museum.
- Originatéd Asian Design Management Forum independently.
- Operated the World Cultural Conference held by UNESCO in Hangzhou.
- Changed the name into"Hangzhou Xibo Culture CommunicationCo., Ltd.'" , opening up the exploration road for the inelligent exhibitionservices.
- The beautiful Island - Shengsi" Summitwas an innovative intentionto develop the exhibitjon service with new concepts.
- Awarded as the' 'Advanced Unit with Quality Service" of the 13thWest L ake Expo.
- In charge of the overall execution of Chinese L .eisure Pavilion" , thecore display area of World l _eisure Expo
- Released"Online Leisure Expo'for audience to visit the 2nd WorldL eisure Expo through the Internet
- Authorized to operate the business activities related to the franchiseof West L ake Expo
- Firstreleased themobile APP of "WestLake Expo" , and stepped into.
- Managed the implementation of Shanghai World' Expo HangzhouPavilion, and developed the project of Online World Expo ofZhejiang" .
- Awarded as "Recommended Exhibition Enterprise of West LakeExpo".
- Xibowas founded and its development directionof "Serve Westl _akeExpo, provide innovative ideas for exhibition" was clarified.
- The first project prize - the official website of West L ake Expo wasawarded as" Top 10 Websites in Exhibition Industry" .
- The first extend business the projectof' Digital Dapanshan'